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COVID Compliant Business Part 4: Communication and Collaboration

So this is the final part of the COVID Compliant Business discussion. It’s time to look at the importance of communicating and collaborating with your team.   Employee engagement and employee buy-in at this time are critical to your success. There is no way, as a business owner or a business or department manager, that…

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COVID Compliant Business Part 3: Cleaning, Hygiene and Health

How do we address the issues of cleaning, hygiene, and health monitoring at COVID standards?   The best way to ensure requirements are met is through the 5S methodology of Shine and Standard Work. Following these practices will save you in an outbreak. The fact is, businesses that have high-quality standards in their products and…

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One way flow

COVID Compliant Business Part 2: Visitors

So the question is- how do we deal with essential visitors, contractors, delivery drivers- the people who are required to come to your business daily? How do we get them to comply with COVID standards and maintain your productivity?   The fact is if you’re doing things well, this is an issue as you have…

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COVID Compliant Business Part 1: Physical Distancing

Physical distancing can be daunting! So how can we implement this without reducing our productivity?   So far we’ve probably just muddled our way through. However, through the implementation of a methodology like 5S we can successfully apply the practice of physical distancing, without reducing our capacity to a great extent. 5S as a methodology…

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Process mapping provides your team with direction

Process Mapping Remotely Part 4

Okay! So we’re up to part four of process mapping remotely with your team; who has been scattered to the four winds due to COVID-19.   We’ve discussed the first steps of mapping: Identify the gaps in your process Understand your voice of customer Figure out the boundaries of the process Determine your sequence steps…

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Process mapping remotely

Process Mapping Remotely Part 3

Okay, so we’re up to part three of process mapping when your team is working remotely.   We’ve looked at why we need to process map, particularly at this time of working in isolation or without key personnel in place, as well as the software and hardware we need to effectively facilitate your remote process…

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process mapping remotely

Process Mapping Remotely Part 2

Okay, so it’s understood that the creation of process maps for your business is an absolute must right now. But how are you going to do this while working remotely?   The first thing that you need to do to get prepared to process map remotely is to familiarise yourself with WebEx, Zoom or whatever…

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Process Mapping Remotely Part 1

Today I want to check in with you in these new and different times we are dealing with. Let’s open up the discussion around the importance of process mapping in your business. Now, more than ever, as we are self-isolating, working remotely from home, or perhaps working with teams in the office week about, do…

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remote work and training

Remote Work and Training

Like most of us at the moment, I’m keeping an eye on the rapidly developing COVID-19 situation.   However, I’m going to maintain a strong focus on business continuity, whilst adhering to social distancing requirements and reducing or removing physical interactions from the workplace. Training is an element of business that has the potential to…

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Standard Work for Continuity

So, who knew social distancing and self-isolation would become a necessity and way of operating here in Australia? In light of this development, I wanted to look at how to maintain the momentum and productivity of your business, particularly if you have key personnel or parts of your team who are at home self-isolating. A…

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