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Leadership Part 6: The big picture of implementing leader standards in your business

So I’m going to wrap up this series of blogs on leader standards, and also show you a big picture on how it applies to the business.   A business is obviously made up of silos, whether we’d like to believe that silos are there or not- we’ve got to acknowledge that there are some…

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Leadership Part 5: Talking points for leaders that promote Lean and Kaizen

Let’s talk a bit about important talking points for leaders. This is a big deal! Sometimes leaders are not sure what they should be talking about within different levels of the business or with different people in the business, so I’d like to give you a bit of an insight into what I would consider…

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Leadership Part 4: What should a leader standardise?

Let’s take a further look at standard work for leaders. What are the impacts a leader has when effectively implementing their standard work and daily management checks throughout their day? What should a leader standardise? Well, there are just a few simple things: Leaders have many conflicting schedules and challenges throughout their day – so…

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Leadership Part 3: Leaders and leader standard work in a Lean environment

What do leaders and Leader Standard Work look like in a Lean environment? Well, first I’m going to talk a little bit about three warlords that ruled over Japan hundreds of years ago- and stay with me- you’ll understand why in a moment! So, these three warlords, in successive years managed to unify the country…

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Leadership Part 2: Leaders focus on a Lean implementation as a culture and change management piece

Let’s continue the conversation around leader standards, leader standard work, and how leaders should conduct themselves.   Previously I spoke about truth, trust, sincerity, and how leading with these values will generate fun and therefore motivation in the business. Another point I’d like to recap on is that leaders should keep a bit of perspective…

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Leadership Part 1: How Lean and Kaizen support continuous improvement and impact the leadership style in your business

I wanted to share with you my thoughts in relation to Lean and Kaizen, and I hope that my point of view is something that you might be able to make use of and perhaps apply at your workplace. So I wanted to talk about leadership, in the Lean and Kaizen environment, and just a…

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COVID Compliant Business Part 4: Communication and Collaboration

So this is the final part of the COVID Compliant Business discussion. It’s time to look at the importance of communicating and collaborating with your team.   Employee engagement and employee buy-in at this time are critical to your success There is no way, as a business owner or a business or department manager, that…

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COVID Compliant Business Part 3: Cleaning, Hygiene and Health

How do we address the issues of cleaning, hygiene, and health monitoring at COVID standards?   The best way to ensure requirements are met is through the 5S methodology of Shine and Standard Work Following these practices will save you in an outbreak. The fact is, businesses that have high-quality standards in their products and…

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COVID Compliant Business Part 2: Visitors

So the question is- how do we deal with essential visitors, contractors, delivery drivers- the people who are required to come to your business daily? How do we get them to comply with COVID standards and maintain your productivity?   The fact is if you’re doing things well, this is an issue as you have…

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COVID Compliant Business Part 1: Physical Distancing

Physical distancing can be daunting! So how can we implement this without reducing our productivity?   So far we’ve probably just muddled our way through However, through the implementation of a methodology like 5S we can successfully apply the practice of physical distancing, without reducing our capacity to a great extent. 5S as a methodology…

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