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In an industry all about growth of product, growth of people is important too

I recently had the opportunity to conduct a value stream mapping exercise with a wholesale nursery to help identify constraints in their processes. They have millions of items to deliver in a year – an incredible operation. So, we are dealing with a perishable product with a finite time frame for delivery. Significant challenges exist…

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Why stand up meetings belong in Lean business culture

I came across stand-up meetings many years ago. I had a very forward-thinking project manager and I was a team leader mechanic. He had set up a daily stand-up meeting with a visual management and KPI board. The meetings were held in the workshop on a mine site. In other words, in the Gemba.  …

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Why a Lean practitioner is just like an endurance coach

I recently made an exciting discovery I’d like to share with you. It’s about the connection between Lean coaching and endurance sports coaching. I’ve been practising for the local mountain bike enduro-competition that is held in Western Australia. In preparation, I’d signed up for a coaching clinic run by a former world champion rider. It was…

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New format improves access to Lean foundation workshops

We’ve had some valuable feedback from the December launch of our Lean Foundations Workshop. This year we are planning to run the workshop over two half days to make it even easier for you to attend. First Half Day This first session offers a chance for you to understand the theory behind Lean. This information-rich…

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Lean & Continuous Improvement at the Character Group

We’ve been implementing Lean business practice and Continuous Improvement over several years at Character Cabinets and Stone with Character, collectively known as the Character Group.   There are a lot of different layers to this work. I thought you might be interested to have a look at a few of the major things we tried to…

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Three essential elements of building flow in a workplace

If you are a manager interested to boost efficiency, it’s important for you to build an environment where there is a flow to work processes. There are three main areas that you’ll need to think about.   Build Environments That Support Consistency Build an environment where a process can happen consistently, and people can get through…

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Makoto APAC Training

A quick walk through Lean Foundation training workshop

I’ve had a lot of questions about the Lean Foundation Training Workshops. Who should attend? How will you benefit and what will you learn? Here’s a quick walkthrough of what you can expect when you attend one of these workshops.   Who Is It Suitable For? The Lean Foundation Training Workshop is suitable for you…

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Here's A Fresh Way To Think About Managers

The real role of managers

Makoto runs the Japan Lean Experience industry benchmarking tour, and has done so for more than a decade, with over 200 tours. They are widely regarded as the number one Lean benchmarking tour. I’ve recently returned from a tour with a mix of diverse business leaders from around the world. We all found it a fascinating…

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Makoto Australia Consulting Benefits

Team culture and the Japan tour

I am sometimes asked what I think is the most important aspect of Lean business. That’s an easy question to answer. It probably won’t surprise you when I nominate team culture as the most critical.   Like me, I’m sure you’ve seen examples where people have invested in tools, techniques, fancy technology and don’t achieve…

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Lean Consulting Management Safety

Using statistics to improve safety

Safety is often touted by companies as their number one priority, but it is not an easy thing to improve and maintain. People, by their nature, have free will and are prone to making decisions or mistakes that affect their safety and the safety of others.   People are naturally prone to injury After all,…

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