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Real Time Constraint Management Technology powered by Miru Intelligence

Miru Intelligence

In collaboration with Curtin University's Innovation Central Perth Team, we're pioneering real-time constraint management to revolutionise manufacturing through advanced AI. The manufacturing sector faces significant challenges in identifying and managing production bottlenecks, often realising issues too late, which leads to costly delays and inefficiency. Our innovative solution leverages computer vision and machine learning to detect bottlenecks as they occur, transforming raw data into actionable insights for real-time decision-making.

This technology not only identifies issues faster but also enhances planning processes by utilising accurate, continuously gathered data. This shift empowers team leaders, process engineers, and production managers to optimise workflow, inventory, cycle times, and overall production planning without the exhaustive manual data collection traditionally required.

Partnering with prestigious institutions like Curtin University and the Department of Industry, Science and Resources, we focus on sectors closely related to construction, defense, shipping, mining, and energy. These collaborations underscore our commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI to foster a culture of 'Employee Driven Continuous Improvement' where operational changes are informed by precise, real-time data. This proactive approach in identifying and addressing production inefficiencies promises significant improvements in productivity and resource management, paving the way for a more agile and responsive manufacturing environment.

Makoto has a range of Member Capability Programs to suit your business

Interested to understand how a Makoto Member Capability Program can make a difference to you and your team or business? We'd be happy to provide some advice and also share case studies where businesses have dramatically improved their performance using our methods. We provide member programs that feature webinars, detailed online content and exclusive newsletters weekly, plus premium levels include 1:1 coaching and face to face workshops. Our member programs include:

  • Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt programs (aligned to IASSC curriculum)
  • Lean Introduction and Lean Advanced programs

You can explore our capability programs here

We follow Lean and Continuous Improvement methods, but our approach is "Employee Driven Continuous Improvement" - the way Lean was meant to be.

You can simply book a time to speak to one of our consultants and obtain a recommendation on which of our programs suit your current business needs.



Improve Capacity without increasing overheads with
happier more cohesive teams



Investing in building Lean and Continuous Improvement capability in your team or business has many benefits:

  • Teams are more engaged and less frustrated because their work is safer, easier and more interesting
  • Quality of service and products improves as teams become more engaged in problem-solving together
  • Only working on what's important allows teams to be consistently faster and smarter, without the stress and risks of 'working harder'.
  • Profitability and sustainability improve, with greater capacity to grow and a focus on managing costs through quality and workplace organisation, whilst keeping overheads low


We are super proud of our Makoto Member Capability Program members, like Clarence, who put into practice everything we coach. You can scroll down and subscribe to our YouTube page to see more testimonials.



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