Implementing Your Business Transformation

The Challenge

Consultants have worked with your team to develop a transformation plan.
The strategy is clear, you know your end point.
What is less clear is how this set of changes can be implemented.
You need a team to help you guide that implementation.

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Implementations can come in many forms – new processes, products or software. Where implementations fail is in the processes surrounding the change, where the people need to adapt – for example, the User Acceptance phases of a large ERP Implementation.

We can come in and help project manage that implementation and people change.

Using our experience in Lean Project management, including Agile Scrum techniques derived from Lean and Continuous Improvement, we can work with you to keep things on track.

This may be a full-time project management scenario or periodic check-in process.

We can support your implementation to whatever level you need.


Correct scoping is important to advise the length of an implementation engagement. Implementation engagements typically last six to nine months with an intensive start, reducing down to periodic check-ins.

There is a good deal of culture change that needs to be worked through during those early months. We work with your people to achieve a shift in thinking and a redefining of how they approach their work and the decisions they make every day.

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Our Team

Implementation processes are led by experienced Lean project management practitioners. They may have specific industry experience.

We are specialists in getting the data right, getting the people to understand what changes and why. We can get the workflows and the user acceptance testing correct so that, come day one, things actually operate the way you want them to.

Does Your Company Need Help Implementing A More Efficient Business Strategy?