Leadership – Part 6

So I’m going to wrap up this series of blogs on leader standards, and also show you a big picture on how it applies to the business.


A business is obviously made up of silos, whether we’d like to believe that silos are there or not- we’ve got to acknowledge that there are some level of silos in our business.

When we look at silos, we have different departments, product lines, or steps of a process that are separately run by different leadership in different management structures within a business. Now these silos, sometimes work great within themselves and other times, they don’t. So we might be quite good within the silo, but the real problem we have is between our silos. That’s where the issues are, and that’s where our opportunities to improve are too.

So how do leader standards help to affect this?

Well, the thing with leaders at every level of business, not just executive leadership, but also management, supervision and teams, is that you have an opportunity to actually cut across the silos in several ways. When we cut across the silos, we’re actually breaking down barriers within the business.

Leaders break across the silos in the business.

Let’s look at this further…

We look at the top of the business where we have our leadership team- so executives, management, supervision and our teams, all at different levels.

But how do leaders break across the silos, in terms of the standards that they display at all those different levels?

In terms of your executive leadership, they’ve got to be looking at the gaps. The gaps in our performance, our strategy and KPIs.

Management needs to implement new ideas and they need to hit KPIs and also make sure that things are improving and moving in the right direction.

Supervision must run the process, they’ve got to remove wastes and they need to shorten the cycle times.

Your teams and your team leaders have got to manage their variation and make sure that they’re consistent with their results. They also need to practice Kaizen – improving every day with the practical wisdom of those who do the work.

If we have our different levels in the business, focusing on their leader standards in those ways, we’re going to see an improvement across the business, regardless of the silos.

We will be able to identify at that point that leaders are working across all different parts of the business and across all departments- together. We will be able to see leaders working as cross-functional teams –together– to achieve the right results, and they do that through their own actions and behaviours.

The upshot of that is that we can actually start to eliminate the problems between the silos.

Suddenly we don’t have problems there. We have the business collaborating really well, the silos are broken down, and we have more green KPI’s in our business.


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