Process Mapping Remotely Part 1

Today I want to check in with you in these new and different times we are dealing with. Let’s open up the discussion around the importance of process mapping in your business. Now, more than ever, as we are self-isolating, working remotely from home, or perhaps working with teams in the office week about, do we see the cracks in our processes opening up.

I’ve been making notes on my thoughts about process mapping and how you’d actually do this within your business under the current circumstances. Perhaps your business is not operating with the need to generate a detailed level of standard work. It will, however, still benefit from having your processes properly mapped out and understood by your people. Process mapping is a powerful way of providing a broad understanding across teams or departments.


There are a number of great qualities about the development and use of process maps that will really benefit the running of your business. You will see and achieve:

  • A vast improvement of the depth of knowledge and quality of execution of processes
  • The effective sharing of knowledge and cross-training across teams or departments
  • The provision of a baseline from which to improve
  • An enhanced ability to effectively identify waste issues
  • The generation of consistency, as a result of the standardisation of processes


When your processes are clearly mapped out, you will be able to effectively support your remote working teams. In addition, it is most important to acknowledge that if you do have members of your team unable to continue in their role for a period of time, process mapping will ensure you are ready for others to step in and take over their work. Process maps are a must for the continuity of your business.

Okay! But the immediate issue is that you’re already social distancing, you’re already working remotely. How are you going to map when your team is scattered all over the place?

That’ll be the subject of the next discussion.


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Respect and support,