Remote Work and Training

Like most of us at the moment, I’m keeping an eye on the rapidly developing COVID-19 situation.


However, I’m going to maintain a strong focus on business continuity, whilst adhering to social distancing requirements and reducing or removing physical interactions from the workplace. Training is an element of business that has the potential to become neglected when we’re in a situation like this. Much of the engagement of our teams in training and education is traditionally delivered using a face to face, classroom-type environment approach. Clearly, this is now less than ideal.

So what are we going to do about it? One of the best ways to continue to deliver training when face to face methods are not an option is to conduct training remotely via platforms such as WebEx or using Zoom meetings. If you’re responsible for the learning and development within a business, switch to a remote training model. It can provide really good benefits for you.

In terms of training providers, I’d recommend some friends of mine who provide a training platform called Essemy. They are definitely worth a look at, and they are working pretty hard on trying to switch as much of their training to an online model as possible. I personally am going to be seeing how many of my clients would like to switch to any kind of online training model. This is definitely worth looking into.

In addition to taking a remote approach to your training, I’d strongly recommend avoiding having key personnel who can only do one type of job in the same room at the same time. If you have everybody in that room get sick, you’ve lost those key personnel. A strong focus on the development of your standard work practices can help alleviate this anxiety too. Another thing to think about is your facility’s capacity, space people out and adhere to the current requirements determined by the Department of Health¬†guidelines in your state or territory.


While it’s a time of uncertainty, now is the time to plan your next move.


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