Standard work for continuity

Standard work for continuity


So, who knew social distancing and self-isolation would become a necessity and way of operating here in Australia?

In light of this development, I wanted to look at how to maintain the momentum and productivity of your business, particularly if you have key personnel or parts of your team who are at home self-isolating.

A big concern in the absence of these team members is how are we going to deal without their knowledge? Now, some knowledge can continue to be shared by the people who can work remotely. But what about the members of your team whose input into the business requires them to be onsite? Now is a great time to be working on your standard work. Standard work is your friend.

Standard Work allows you to retain knowledge in the business when the individuals aren’t there. And in this particular situation, to maintain your business continuity, it can be an absolute game-changer to ensuring that you have a good standard of quality and a good standard of delivery in your business. I liken standard work to be an approach and a way of thinking to drive quality and knowledge sharing, not just as a document or a piece of paper.

So if I was going to offer you any advice in the current situation, it would be to get cracking on your standard work. Build and maintain your database of standard work so that you can improve and maintain your business continuity.

If you have good business continuity, you’re ready to support your customers.


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