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Makoto - Specialists in Lean Study Tours

We are proud partners of Makoto Investments, a premiere Lean Consulting firm with headquarters in Tokyo Japan. Makoto brings more than 40 years' experience to these tours.

We provide many unique experiences in various industries where Lean is implemented. Lean is not limited to manufacturing, and our tours showcase Lean in industries as diverse as:

Automotive Supply and Manufacture


Shipping and Logistics

Hospitality and Tourism

Software and Technology

Customer Service

Why Japan?

Japan is renowned for its commitment to quality, and its ability to instil pride of work in all levels of the organisation. The Makoto Lean tour will enable you to experience several exemplary sites throughout Japan, including a Toyota supplier and Toyota Motor Corporation.

These businesses all showcase Lean, each with very different operating models, management systems and values. You will discover that Lean is relevant in many cultures and that there are many ways to establish and sustain a Lean culture.

Insights gained by seeing Lean in its birthplace are invaluable. Japan’s transportation infrastructure will allow us to visit many sites and have meaningful discussions in an efficient manner. 

Lean Manufacturing Tours

Lean Concepts

During site visits, you will see excellent examples of Lean concepts in action, featuring the following tools and principles.

Standardised Work/Standard Work for Leaders

Visual Management/Strategy Deployment

TPS – Toyota Production System/Jidoka

TPM – Total Productive Maintenance

5S and Environmental Sustainability

Kanban/Pull Systems/Just-In-Time

Leadership vision for Lean

What You Learn

You will study core concepts of operational excellence such as value stream thinking, a culture of trust and openness, a willingness to try new things, strategy deployment (hoshin kanri), alignment of short-term goals to long-term vision and innovation (kaikaku).

You will learn how to:

  • Observe the role of leadership, and consider how effective companies develop their leaders
  • Understand how to retain a culture of continuous improvement and sustain it
  • Experience the roots of operational excellence and its diversity
  • Reflect on your company’s own culture and how to make Lean transformation successful in your business
  • Drive fast-paced improvement that lasts

Round Table Debriefs

Reflect on what was learnt during each site visit:

  • What was unique and impressive?
  • What could be improved?
  • What can you do differently back home

Participate in the sharing of experiences in order to learn from one another.

Participate in discussion on how to shape and fine-tune a successful transformation in your own company. 

Facilitation & Coaching

Each stage of the tour experience is facilitated to ensure that it provides you with a rich learning opportunity.

The tour begins with an introduction to Japanese culture so that you can get the best experience from the site visits.

The Round Table Debriefs help identify insights from each of the different businesses we visit. Facilitated discussion helps clarify what is learnt and how it might be used.

Our experts will help you to understand how to apply what you have seen on the tour to your own organisation. 

2023 Public Tours


8th September 2024 EOI now open



*Travel to and from Japan will be at your own expense.

What's Included

Hotel accommodation

6 nights inclusive of the night before and after.


All main meals with the group whilst on tour.

Site Visits

As determined by group makeup and availability of sites.

Travel between sites

Within Japan once the tour begins. Travel by road, rail or aircraft will be included.

Services Of Interpreters

All tours have experienced bilingual interpreters to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

Experienced Guides

Guides have many years experience and local knowledge to make the tour insightful and fun.

Optional Sightseeing

Time permitting there are many opportunities for sightseeing throughout the tour.

Socialising & Networking

With other CI professionals facing similar challenges in a diverse range of industries.

Your information will be treated with confidentiality