Lean Business Training

Local & International Trainers at Your Workplace

We offer specialised Lean training.
This is typically facilitated by people who are experts in the field.

We can bring internationally renowned trainers to you,
or you and your team can join a training tour in Japan.

Our training packages are usually private training workshops
conducted within your business and facilitated locally.

Training With Makoto

Japanese  Specialists At Your Workplace

In certain circumstances, a consultant from Japan may come to Australia to lead training because they have specialist expertise in a particular area.

Single Site Group Training In Japan

Training is also available as part of a tour package.  These groups are attended by people from all over the world. Participants will attend a training facility in Japan, for example, a manufacturing business. The training is conducted by expert facilitators, often ex-Toyota people, who are highly experienced and very strict around how they operate. They train and then participants apply that training throughout the day and overnight within the manufacturing environment.

The operations people who work in that environment will actually make changes that participants create. In this way, the effect of the changes can be experienced in a real business in real time. This training is quite highly specialised and all takes place in one location.

Lean Management Training
Lean Consultants Australia

Solution-Focused Customised Training

We can partner with you to provide a tailored training solution for your business. For example, you may be having trouble with personal awareness and safety, we can work with you to apply Lean principles in your approach to changing the culture at your site.

Length of Training

Training periods vary between one-day workshops or one-week intensives.

Group Size

Training groups are usually between 20 to 35 participants.


If you can upskill your people to be more efficient, effective, that's a better outcome for the business. It also means more satisfaction for the individual because they can achieve positive change.

Improve Your Business Outcomes & Efficiency