Employee Driven
Continuous Improvement

Lean Management Consulting

Are your shelves lined with glossy reports that didn't deliver change?

Without buy-in from your people, nothing will really change.

If you have business problems to solve, we can help you.

We'll do it differently and your people will actually enjoy it.

Lean Tours

Be inspired. We'll take you to the place Lean business started.


We offer specialised Lean training facilitated by people who are experts in the field.


A fresh approach to business improvement that achieves sustainable cultural change.


We'll work with you to engage your people and implement business improvement. 

Lean Consultants Australia

The Key To Efficiency

Your business can only improve when your people experience what might be possible.

Armed with their own expert knowledge they can engage in a new way.

They can define and drive change for themselves.

This is not just a shift in culture.

This is a game changer for your business.

The Makoto Values


People need to know you are sincere and that you see potential in them and the Lean improvement effort. If you have their best in mind, then it is quite easy to get buy-in.


One of the most important concepts is to know the truth and show the truth whether that be in a visual form or just by sharing information. Without knowing the truth, the team's performance will not improve and the team cannot make the right decisions.


We believe in the potential of people which is why we invest in training, knowledge sharing and in giving people the time and authority to make changes. We believe in their creativity and capacity to improve your business.


Solving problems requires creative thinking. We are at our most creative when we are having fun. Change might be tough but the process can be enjoyable.