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Based in Australia, Makoto Asia Pacific focuses on the deployment of Lean business principles and practices across a wide range of industries.

We transform businesses through growth strategy, rather than just cost-cutting.

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We are effective at engaging people and getting them excited and on-side.

We guarantee results in numbers as well as smiles.

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Our Japanese partners are the “go-to guys” in Japan. 

Our business has been 100% driven by word-of-mouth.

We are excited to offer our training and consulting services to the Asia Pacific region.

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A successful business relies on effective communication and collaboration across all authority and experience levels. Working with professional business improvement consultants can help you transform your company in all spheres, from daily operations to growth planning. Makoto is a trusted team of business process consultants - we transform businesses in a wide range of sectors by introducing Lean business principles to your daily operations.

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The Role of a Business Improvement Consultant in Your Operation

A business improvement consultant’s goal is to improve your business’s overall performance. We spend time getting to know your people and processes to understand the core of your business and how we can help take it to the next level. Here are three roles a consultant will typically fill:

  • Streamline your business processes. Your consultants will talk to key members of your operation to plot an accurate overview of all the workflows and processes that drive your business. Understanding the state of your processes helps us to model and implement a personalised business process transformation plan to streamline how you run your company for more productivity and efficiency.
  • Develop a visual management board. A visual management board helps you track the ongoing improvement projects within your business. This tool displays your improvement goals and the division of responsibilities while celebrating progress. Your consultants will help you set it up to make it easily accessible and easy to update for your internal teams, engaging everyone in the transformation process.
  • Implement performance tracking. A business improvement consultant helps you monitor your performance against the goals of each transformative strategy in place. They often use specialised tools to make the tracking process understandable and convenient for you and your employees. Working with a consultant helps you enforce accountability in your business and identify areas for future growth.

Long-Term Benefits of Implementing Business Improvement Practices

Our business improvement consultants have years of real-world experience, offering you invaluable insight into running a successful business. Working with a professional consultant can help you expand your operation and grow your business over time in many ways, including:

  • Practical goal setting and realisation. A business improvement consultant offers a fresh perspective on your business plan and professional vision. Through improvement consulting, you can identify new opportunities for growth that may help you achieve your goals faster. We are strategic planners, and we can help you define realistic progress indicators and map out a detailed, practical transformation plan for your business.
  • Effective decision making. Working with a dedicated improvement consultant exposes you and your team to a wealth of business knowledge. Over time, employing this knowledge becomes part of your daily operations, and employees become confident in their decision-making strategies. Efficient decision making makes for more adaptable and resilient business planning that helps save time and improve profitability.
  • Increased profits. Our business improvement consultants employ Lean business principles to help you reduce waste across all avenues of your company. Following these principles may lead to reduced losses and increased productivity. We engage your entire workforce in the transformation process to create a positive shift in your company culture that values continuous improvement and quality.
Makoto Consulting Values

Makoto is an established team of business improvement consultants trusted across diverse industries throughout the Asia-Pacific region. We pride ourselves in offering SMEs a unique and engaging transformation experience that leaves your team feeling energised and inspired. Working with us gives you fresh insight into your business operations, and we are passionate about helping business owners achieve sustainable growth. Contact us to book your first session.