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Makoto Asia Pacific

Daniel Giles

Daniel Giles | Consulting Partner

Perth, Australia

Daniel has a proven background in the implementation of Lean culture in businesses across the mining and manufacturing sectors. He is a strong Lean Practitioner who takes a pragmatic approach to ensuring sustainable change occurs in the businesses of his clients.

Daniel started in the mining industry more than 20 years ago as a heavy duty mechanic, and has since completed a ​Bachelor of Business (Marketing).

Daniel has risen through the ranks of the largest Caterpillar Dealership in Australia, gaining his Lean expertise in the advanced Caterpillar Black Belt Programs. Subsequently Daniel has the ability to engage at every level of major public companies and local mid-sized businesses.

Daniel has partnered with well regarded boutique Lean consultancy, Makoto Global, launching Makoto Asia Pacific. Makoto Asia Pacific services the region with a people centric delivery of Lean and Six Sigma training, study tours and consulting.

Daniel regularly studies in Japan to ensure he brings the best knowledge on offer back to the Asia Pacific region.

Key Expertise


Six Sigma

Change Management

Lean for manufacturing, mining,    service and office-based teams

Industry Focus


Mining, Oil and Gas

Maintenance Mobile Mining Equipment

Sales and Financial Departments

Taylor Berkelaar Profile headshot

Taylor Berkelaar | Consulting Partner

Perth, Australia

With a background in ERP implementation and business process improvement across the cabinet making and manufacturing sector, Taylor takes an enthusiastic but practical approach to ensuring sustainable change occurs in the businesses of his clients.

Taylor has been involved in the construction industry for almost 10 years. During this time he has completed a Bachelor of Commerce, in addition to running his own decorative concrete business.

More recently, Taylor’s experience has been in Enterprise Resources Planning software, working in the role of Lead Sales and Integration Specialist. In this way, Taylor has gained experience working with businesses of all sizes in the manufacturing sector.

His key areas of expertise are software integration, business process improvement and change management, with an industry focus on manufacturing and office processes.

Taylor is an accomplished Consulting Partner at Makoto Asia Pacific.

Key Expertise

Software Integration

Business Process Improvement

Change Management

Industry Focus


Office Processes


Available Enterprise Resource Planning Software Implementation Program Coaching.


Chris Goddard | Senior Associate Consultant

Central Otago, New Zealand

Holding an Engineering Degree focused on engineering, management and process control, Chris has led or supported large scale sustainable operational & commercial transformations in Australia & New Zealand over the past two decades.

His formidable resume encompasses a career in various transformational, commercial and business improvement roles with large multinational mining and steel companies. Chris' areas of expertise include operational leadership, international team management, maintenance & line leadership, capital programme management, operational improvement, Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing, IT and services leadership, and government & supplier relationship management.

Chris now provides support to various SME and local community in core skills including lifting leadership capability, risk management, managing external stakeholders & business transformation, while working alongside Makoto Asia Pacific as a key Senior Associate Consultant.

Key Expertise

Operations Management

Business Improvement (LEAN & Six Sigma)

Budgeting & Cash Generation

Government & Supplier Relationship Management

Industry Focus

Six Sigma & LEAN Manufacturing

IT & Services


Paul London (2)

Paul London | Senior Associate Consultant

Sydney, Australia

A hands on mechanical engineer with strong skills in process, quality, warranty, reliability, Paul has 25 years international experience with Blue Chip companies and their suppliers.

Originally training hands on as a motor mechanic, Paul holds a Masters in Science of Quality Management, Statistical Methods and Reliability.

Paul's impressive international experience includes working with and leading projects for multinational companies and suppliers in; project management, setting up manufacturing and engineering processes, improving product quality, leading and training in data analysis, leading the development of policy, improvement of design and manufacturing processes in mining. 

Paul is now a Business Improvement Manager and a valued Senior Associate Consultant to Makoto Asia Pacific.

Key Expertise

Lean Six Sigma

Reliability Engineering

Industrial Statistics

Quality Control

Process Improvement

Industry Focus






Japan Consultants

Makoto Global

Brad Schmidt Profile headshot

Brad Schmidt | Consulting Partner

As the founder and president of Makoto Global, Brad has been a Lean consultant for over two decades. Brad's varied engagements range from working with companies as small as 15 people, to multi-nationals.

His industries of experience include Manufacturing (from making bolts to making airplanes), Logistics (from 4 people operations to global), Service (Front end and back end) Finance and Service.

Brad achieves great results across diverse industries. He is passionate about teaching and motivating the real experts – the people doing the work who are there to see how to take action.

Brad relishes opportunities to implement performance increasing programs, in addition to training and sharing knowledge with internal leaders.​

Business leaders globally are able to engage with Brad and Training Within Industry on Makoto’s Japan Lean Experience Tours. Makoto's TWI opportunities follow the original Toyota training methodology, providing insight into how participants can shape and deliver their own sustainable business transformation.

Born and raised in Japan, Brad has connected with Toyota Lean experts and was immersed in Lean thinking from an early age. Subsequently, Brad is also native in both English and Japanese.

Languages: English, Japanese

Key Expertise

Lean / Agile in support and HQ functions

Lean / Agile in direct ares

Training Within Industries (TWI)

Sales and Marketing in Japan

Industry Focus

Insurance / Banking

Manufacturing / Logistics


Sanja Tripkovic profile headshot

Sanja Tripkovic | Senior Consultant, Project Manager

Sanja has spearheaded Lean transformation in both Japanese SMEs and global operations in Japan.

Sanja holds a Bachelor of  Arts in Oriental Studies, in addition to a Masters of Arts in Liberal Arts/ Comparative Cultural and Literary Studies.

As an associate of Makoto Global since 2008, Sanja is a certified TWI trainer, conducting TWI training courses fluently in both English and Japanese. She is proficient in Shop Floor Management. Additionally, Sanja is experienced in the application of Kaizen and TPS knowledge for the purpose of improving processes in manufacturing and distribution operations, sales, administration and project management.

Sanja's expertise includes assisting bilingual projects with senior Japanese consultants​. She is an appreciated Senior Consultant and Lean Project Manager to Makoto Global.

Languages: English, Japanese, Serbian

Key Expertise

Kaizen and TPS Knowledge Application

Lean Transformation

Training Within Industries (TWI)

Lean Project Management

Shop Floor Management (Safety, Quality, Delivery)

Industry Focus

Manufacturing & Service

Niels Michael profile headshot

Niels Michael | Digital Marketing Consultant

Niels is a disciplined student of digital marketing as well as the Japanese language. He takes an honorific and humble approach, while fulfilling his role in a flexible and adaptive manner.

Niels holds certifications for web development and digital marketing, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Minor Japanese Studies.

Niels' years of experience working in Japanese environments make him a capable communicator in both English and Japanese.

He has a "self-starter" attitude, and is fast and resourceful. Niels is proficient in digital marketing, including SEO, Ad campaigns, email marketing, SNS, and content marketing.

As an outgoing and creative individual, Niels is a talented Digital Marketing and Web Development Consultant to Makoto Global.

Languages: English, Japanese

Key Expertise

Digital Marketing Strategies

SEO, Google Analytics/Ads/Search Console

Web Design/Development

Content/SNS marketing

Masahisa Mizumoto

Masahisa Mizumoto | Senior Associate Consultant

Masahisa is a seasoned Lean Consultant with over 30 years of expertise spanning across automotive, electronics, and various other sectors. His diverse work experience includes collaborations with Japanese manufacturers as well as multinational enterprises across Asia.

Masahisa's dedication to lean principles has been reflected through his roles and constant curiosity to improve his technical skills. Additionally, he is the author of a reference guide on office work improvements and a pivotal article on the “Ideal Factory” structure.

With his deep knowledge of lean operations, quality improvement, and equipment performance, he's not just a consultant and auditor, but also an instructor of repute. He has conducted transformative seminars and training sessions for major manufacturers, molding his attendees toward operational excellence.

As a dynamic and globally certified professional, Masahisa serves as a cornerstone Lean Consultant and Instructor for numerous firms worldwide.

Languages: English, Japanese

Key Expertise

Lean Operations Deployment

Quality Improvement

Equipment Performance Effectiveness

Lean Six Sigma Training

Kaizen Workshop: Origin of Toyota Production System and application to various Industries

Industry Focus

Manufacturing: Automotive, Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Food and other industries 

Service: Office improvements, Transportation, Warehouse

North America Consultants

Makoto Boston

KF Portrait

Keiko Fuchioka | Consulting Partner

Keiko Fuchioka is a highly accomplished and driven consultant, who brings significant value to an organization seeking to implement Lean principles, drive excellence, and foster positive change. Her combination of expertise, credentials, and passion for coaching makes her an invaluable asset to any business looking to thrive in today’s competitive landscape. Keiko Fuchioka is an accomplished Business Excellence leader with an impressive track record spanning over three decades across diverse industries. Her expertise lies in implementing Lean Thinking into management strategies, and she is deeply passionate about fostering a Lean culture within organizations. Keiko’s purpose-driven approach has been instrumental in catalyzing positive transformations, benefiting customers, engaging employees, and overall business outcomes.

Besides partnering and mentoring with business leaders on their Lean management journey, she also contributes to the development of emerging business leaders in the classroom as an educator at a top-tier business school. She enjoys life in Boston, MA, with her family, balancing her busy career with a fulfilling personal life.

Languages: English, Japanese

Key Expertise

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt (General Electric)

Prosci Change Management Practitioner

SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Leader

Mission/Success Vision/Goals Workshops

Customised Lean Operations Programs

Industry Focus



Life Sciences