Social distancing and lean

Social distancing and lean


So, what a time. It’s a constantly moving situation for business continuity due to COVID-19.


I hope some of these comments will assist you a little with helping to keep your business running nicely, despite the current challenges.

I have produced some fairly long videos in the last couple of weeks addressing the need for the physical separation of your team and how to deal with it from a Lean point of view. One of our main focuses in a Lean implementation is on maintaining a high level of interpersonal communication. It’s clear there is the potential for this to suffer if we’re trying to minimise contact, much like working in silos.

In the past, I have spoken a lot about the power of technology in helping us to communicate

I think apps like WhatsApp, FaceTime, Webex, and Zoom are effective tools for allowing us to dial into meetings, group chats, or group videos. Proficient use of these online tools will really help us deal with the separation and maintain a high level of contact between the necessary on-site team members and non-essential team members working from home.

The great thing about this is that you can use the wasted talent and skills of your people to come up with creative ways of communicating, without the need to be in close quarters

Put the challenge out there, people love a challenge. Be innovative about how you communicate and benefit from the byproduct of removing some wasted motion from your processes.

During this time of rapid change and uncertainty, in addition to challenges of physical separation and isolation, you need to facilitate and maintain even closer contact with your people.


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