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Lean Consulting Management Safety

Using Statistics To Improve Safety

Safety is often touted by companies as their number one priority, but it is not an easy thing to improve and maintain. People, by their nature, have free will and are prone to making decisions or mistakes that affect their safety and the safety of others. People are also naturally prone to injury. After all,…

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Japan Lean Experience – Let’s Go!

I’m very excited to announce something I have been working on over the last 6 months with my friends at Makoto Investments, Lean Consultants and Lean Tour operators based in Tokyo, Japan. For many years, Makoto has provided an exceptional service based on honesty and integrity to many businesses across Japan and China. As well…

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Value Stream Mapping – Big Issues and Pick Charts

One of the reasons for mapping your current state value stream is to visually represent where issues are within the process. Often, we can get too bogged down in the details and the daily operations of a business, so seeing the entire value stream and where the constraints, issues and wastes are is important to…

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